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Following our organization group meeting today, this announcement is to update you on the Dutch Rubbermen Team’s approach to the COVID-19 developments and the upcoming Dutch Rubbermen Weekend. We have kept a close watch on the developments in the Netherlands, the advice from our health services and the measures taken by our government. The advise for social distancing continues, events and gatherings for which organisers would normally be required to apply for a permit or notify the authorities are banned until June 1st and all other gatherings are banned until at least April 6th. Under these circumstances we have unanimously decided that the responsible thing to do is to cancel the 2020 Dutch Rubbermen Weekend and look forward to 2021. This includes the cancellation of the Mr Rubber NL elections for 2020. Our decision was motivated foremost with everyones health in mind. Furthermore we feel that we currently can not guarantee to host a successful event which you expect from us. We will take the time and opportunity to organize alternative events, online socials, quizes and other e-activities that we are currently brainstorming. We hope to update you in the coming weeks with what we plan to offer the community. For all of you that had already booked tickets, our treasurer will be in touch with you directly on refunding your payments. We wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you all online and at the first safe opportunity for an event in person. DRUM Team

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