Dutch Rubbermen

Some events in the Dutchrubbermen weekend are marked having a dresscode. Those parties are for rubbermen only and the dresscode makes sure the atmosphere and dynamics are what can be expected of such a party. We will enforce this dresscode until midnight or until other times as directed by the venue-owner.

We expect all visitors to cover at least 30% of their bodies in latex. We approve of anything made of sheet latex, rubber, industrial rubber or neoprene. 

You need to be outfitted in a sensual, erotic and/or sexy rubber outfit that fits the erotic rubber theme. 

Spandex/lycra and PVC etc are not rubber, not even when they are coated in something rubbery. Wearing nothing, casual street attire, other fetishes or combinations with other fabrics are not allowed. The only exception to this is that reigning Misters can dress according to their title as long as they wear their official title sash (or other Title Holder regalia).

Leathermen are welcome as well. But only leather men in full leather gear (see below).

With respect to allowed Full Leather at our dresscode events

These are allowed:

  • Full leather (uniform) With or without breeches, full leather looks great. So, that’s shirt, trousers, probably a jacket, and accesories such as a tie, Sam Browne belt, gloves, cap. You don’t need all of these, but it should look smart
  • Bike leathers British motocycle cop, German green Polizei bike leathers, and similar gear from other countries is welcome as is other full leather biker gear

These are not allowed:

  • Nudity, bare chests, jockstraps We allow full leather, nudity and jockstraps are not full leather. Put your trousers on, do up your shirt!
  • Chaps, harnesses Again, these are not part full leather, in our view.