Dutch Rubbermen

Fundraiser 2024: HIVOS

During the Dutch Rubbermen Weekend and during the ticket sale period before we hope to raise funds for our selected charity “HIVOS“.

Working towards a just and inclusive society requires a lot of patience. Hivos is convinced that courageous people are the key to combating power inequality. Their ideas and commitment are crucial in achieving climate justice, gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Around the world, they aim to ensure that marginalized groups are heard and given a voice in the debate. Together with them HIVOS strives for structural change. That is why they also work with pioneering organizations, innovative companies and willing governments. With them they share a dream in which economies are sustainable and societies are open to everyone.

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Without equality, diversity and inclusion there can be no free and just society. That is why HIVOS fights for equal rights and equal opportunities for all people, regardless of gender identity and expression, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, disability, religion or cultural background.

HIVOS believes that the voices of marginalised, discriminated and excluded groups should be heard and their rights recognized and respected at all levels. They focus in particular on (young) women and LGBTIQ+ people.


We will raise money for this charity with our ticket sales and during the opening event of the Dutch Rubbermen Weekend 2024.

Fundraiser 2024