Dutch Rubbermen


The Mr Rubber Netherlands Foundation and Dutch Rubbermen have organised community events since 2010 with the aim to create safe and fun spaces for people interested in latex to explore and understand their sexuality and kinks, support each other and build a stronger community.

Our community and our events are based on fun, respect, celebrating diversity and sharing our love for rubber!

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all events organised by the Mr Rubber Netherlands Foundation and/or by the Dutch Rubbermen. All participants agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. We celebrate diversity and we want to have a safe and fun space for all participants. 

Photos and videos

Not all of our visitors are “out of the fetish closet”. If you use your camera, for instance to take selfies or to show off your newest rubber outfit, you must make sure that no other guests are recognisable on the photos or videos without their explicit consent.

Discrimination and harassment

Any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex, ethnicity, physical characteristics, abilities, language, age or any other behaviour that may disturb a participant will not be tolerated. 

Any act that violates the sexual freedom of another participant without their consent will be considered a sexual assault. It will only be understood that there is consent when it has been freely expressed through acts that, taking into account the circumstances, clearly express the will of the person.

This applies to all participants, volunteers, employees and visitors of events organised by us. 

What if something happens

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or attacked at one of our events:

  • During an event: contact immediately one of the DRUM volunteers present and/or an employee of the venue.

  • After an event: contact us as soon as possible either personally or via an e-mail to info@dutchrubbermen.nl


The Mr Rubber Netherlands Foundation and the Dutch Rubbermen team are committed to provide the necessary support. If any form of discrimination or other unfair treatment is established, the organisation may remove the aggressor from the event (without refund of entry tickets, if applicable) and/or exclude them from participation in future events.