Dutch Rubbermen

Dutch Rubbermen Social – Rubbermen Weekend 2024

Eagle Amsterdam Warmoestraat 90, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch Rubbermen Weekend 2024 edition of our socials, this is the opening party for our weekend. After getting to know each other at Spijkerbar earlier we continue with a dress-code party to show of our best, shiniest and sexiest rubber gear. This event has a strict dress code and welcomes male-presenting individuals.


Rien ne va Plus – Meet the winner

The Web Amsterdam Sint Jacobsstraat 6, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We end our weekend with a social in The Web, after the brunch you will have teh chance to meet the new Mr Rubber NL 2024, have some drinks, have some last sex in the darkroom and then go back home, hopefully satisfied from a mother great weekend.


Rubber-only Party

Eagle Amsterdam Warmoestraat 90, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dress code party at Eagle Amsterdam, dress-code is enforced until 23:00 after that also other people are welcome. We will have a dress-code.